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AI + UX Design

How I incorporate AI-driven tools and technology in my design process.


User Flow & Persona

A product or feature's related user flow can be generated by AI, replacing time-consuming meetings with stakeholders and product owners in a fast-paced workplace. 

ChatGPT's outcome of "create user flow for a [ product type ]" or "create a user persona for [product] in table form" can provide valuable feedback such as user needs, user pain points, and CTAs on the screen, as well as a complete list of a persona profile. 


UI Design &

Design System

Did you know we can now use ChatGPT to generate a color palette and even a design system?


It can save me from spending time coming up with the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. 


Design Checklist

Enhancing my design process by implementing a design checklist generated by ChatGPT according to each design project's needs.

For example, inputting "Create a checklist for UI design elements for a perfect [Screen/ feature] in a list view.” in ChatGPT to create a design checklist. 


Usability Study

ChatGPT can generate a list of relevant user interview questions for a specific product and user group.


UX Writing

Using AI tools such as ChatGPT to generate written content, such as user-friendly error messages, engaging marketing copy, and helpful product information for users to view.

(ChatGPT can also write client emails for me!)

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