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UX Design for Spectrum

Spectrum (Charter Communication) is a telecommunication company that provides internet and media connections to residential and business users.

I designed the Agent OS system - which is the web-responsive application that all Spectrum call center agents and admin users use on a daily basis, both on tablets and desktops. Our team worked in the Design Sprint process; a 5-day process of problem-solving with the business team by providing design solutions.


Key Task 1: Wireframes

During the design sprint, I brainstormed with the team by drawing out low-fidelity wireframes in pencil sketches. After rounds of peer reviewing and brainstorming, I moved on to designing high-fidelity wireframes in Figma. 

View Interactive Prototype

Key Task 2: Usability Studies

I worked closely with the UX researchers and accessibility team during the UX usability phase of the design sprint. We interviewed users (call center agents) and tested different scenarios within the prototypes we designed. 


We conducted 3 types of usability tests for each design sprint: one for light-mode (normal), one for dark-mode, and one for high-contrast, in order to ensure that our design meets the visual (and also intellectual) accessibility standards.

I participated in discussions as the team analyzed the test results and determined which features to prioritize in the upcoming sprint. 

Key Task 3: Accessibility 

I converted the MVP prototypes into dark-mode and high-contrast mode for additional usability tests.

Key Task 4: Design System

I was responsible for updating and maintaining the UI design library in the Figma design tool.

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