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UX Design for Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a financial company that specializes in managing banking systems, business loans, personal mortgages, etc., through various applications. I took lead on the design projects for the Corporate Trust Services (CTS) department and provided design deliverables for the main CTS internal users.

Key Task 1: User Research & User Flows

I studied the current user flow of the site and reevaluated its usability, then proposed to the business team the potential solutions and strategies for improvement or change. I regularly met with the user group to identify the roadblocks they encountered and take their feedback as suggestions for future enhancement for the application, which were designed in both low and high fidelity mockups. 

Key Task 2: Design System

To keep the application design consistent and the ADA-complaint design elements available for the development team, I maintained a UI library for all the design elements which also included the code. 

Key Task 3: Interactive Prototype

Using design tool Axure, I created mockups to provide a visualized proposal for the different designs within the application.

Key Task 4: User Stories Management

I assisted project teams in JIRA story writing and the implementation of user journey and UI requirements as a part of the user story writing process. I was also an advocate for the Agile work process, educating team members about Agile work process through meetings and presentations. 

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