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UX Design for Tandem Diabetes Care

Tandem Diabetes is a health care and medical equipment company that supports diabetes patients with the Tandem manufactured t:slim X2 insulin pump that is supported by Control-IQ technology. Tandem Diabetes aims for 1 million users worldwide by 2027.

I provided end-to-end UX guidance with the Agile work process to multiple design projects which support essential company products such as patient profiles, professional clinical and distributor management, patient authentication and authorization, and pump report data visualization. My design solutions supported both mobile apps and responsive web platforms for tablets and desktops. 

Projects I supported:

  • Tandem mobile app

  • Tandem Source web responsive app for healthcare providers and patients (tablets & desktops)

  • Tandem admin user dashboard for Tandem team members (tablets & desktops)


I also regularly hosted educational workshops and UX office hours for design project team members to learn more about user-centered design concepts and strategies. 

Task 1: Prototypes

From pencil sketches to high-fidelity and interactive prototypes in Figma, I created designs based on user needs and usability research results.

I explored and understood the different user perspectives, which included customer users who need to view their pump data report, healthcare professional users who need to manage clinical client information, and the Tandem management team who need to collaborate and share data with third-party partners. 

Task 2: Discovery & User Research

I conducted user interviews and market research in the project discovery phase to understand users' needs and pain points before jumping into design iteration.

I created interactive prototypes with Figma design tool, worked closely with the human factor and user research teams during the design sprints to conduct usability studies and draw conclusions, and design solutions to resolve user pain points. On average, I conducted 1 usability study per month during my time at Tandem Diabetes.

Below is a quick example of a usability study I conducted and synthesized. 

Study context: 

  • 9 internal participants (admin users) who are all currently working in Tandem customer service department

  • There was one task that focused on unlinking a pump from a client account

Key findings:

  • Participants were able to easily complete the task

  • The participants remarked how much easier it would be to complete this task using the prototype versus their existing process. The SUS score for the experience was 94.06 which is in the highest threshold of perceived ease of use for documented existing products (as Jeff Sauros explains a SUS score of 80.3 is the grade equivalent of an A and located in the top 10% of scores for documented user experiences)

Task 3: Design System

I maintained and documented design components and styles in Material UI that were implemented in the projects I supported. The design libraries provided guidance and information that were needed for the developers to build out various features.


Task 4: Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

I collaborated with the product managers in new project discovery, roadmap creation, business requirement refinement, and initial brainstorming for new projects. In my design process, I also collaborated with software engineers in the design iteration, design handoff, developmental cycle, as well as QA stages.

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